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September Newsletter

Letter from the Chairman:

AmCham is proud to support the many talented and influential women who are leaders in their businesses and organizations.  This month, AmCham announces the launch of a new initiative: Women’s Leadership Organization (WLO). WLO will be led and organized by women and aimed at providing female leaders in business, government, and civil society with a forum for discussion and collaboration on vital issues.  If you’d like to get involved in this initiative—and we encourage you to do so—please let us know at

AmCham is also a strong supporter of policy that promotes a more even playing field, enables business growth, and contributes to long-term competitiveness for Tanzania and all its people.  This requires close coordination and collaboration between the government and the private sector.  But despite strong leadership from capable women and men, many businesses in Tanzania are currently facing challenging times.  Some of these challenges make the headlines—but many do not.  This month, the Chamber has launched a series of industry-specific roundtable discussions, starting with agriculture.  These engagements provide an opportunity for members to offer feedback on policy and business environment changes specific to their sectors.  Individual feedback is always kept confidential.  But the Chamber will be meeting in the coming months with a number of ministers and permanent secretaries, and the trends identified in these roundtables will be highlighted in our meetings.  If you would like to attend or contribute to AmCham’s high-level dialogues, please inquire about gold and platinum membership at

Please let me know if there are other ways we can assist you and your company.  I always appreciate your feedback.


Dan Holodnik, Chairman