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Trade and investment

Increasing business and trade between the United States and Tanzania

The American Chamber of Commerce in Tanzania (AmCham-TZ) is a non-profit membership association. We are part of the global network of American Chambers of Commerce (the world’s largest business federation representing nearly 3 million businesses and operating in over 113 countries), all aiming towards trade facilitation and economic opportunities.<br AmCham-TZ operates independently and without financial assistance from any government

AmCham-TZ operates independently and without financial assistance from any government.

Our TIN Number is 117-407-179.

We are proud members of the Tanzanian Private Sector Foundation (TPSF), the CEO Roundtable (CEOrt), and the East African Business Council (EABC). As part of these organizations, we join our members in voicing support for the private sector in Tanzania.

Our Mission

AmCham-TZ serves U.S. citizens and U.S. controlled companies doing business in Tanzania as well as Tanzanian business involved in or interested in trade with the U.S. by establishing a network and a forum for sharing information, exchanging ideas and interacting with relevant U.S. and Tanzanian government policy makers, with the ultimate goal of increasing business and trade between the United States and Tanzania.

Our History & Background

AMCHAM-TZ was initially established as American Business Association – Tanzania (ABA) in 2005. In August, 2009, the ABA Board hosted representatives from Africa Business Initiative of the US Chamber of Commerce, Washington and a decision was made to transform ABA into the American Chamber of Commerce in Tanzania. Following our accreditation in August, 2010 with the US Chamber of Commerce, Washington, the American Chamber of Commerce in Tanzania (AmCham-TZ) was launched in a ceremony led by the US Ambassador, Alfonso Lenhart. In June, 2011, AmCham-TZ hosted the 2nd Annual All Africa AMCHAM Regional Summit in Dar es Salaam. The Summit was attended by 70+ delegates consisting of AmCham-TZ members, delegates from AMCHAMs in Africa, US Embassies in Africa and US government representatives from Washington DC. A Welcome Reception was hosted in honor of Ambassador Ron Kirk, the United States Trade Representative, and Florie Liser, Assistant Trade Representative for Africa, from the Executive Office of President Obama.

Our Objectives

• Promote two-way flow of trade and investment between the U.S. and Tanzania;
• Facilitate business and investment opportunities for U.S. companies in Tanzania;
• Promote the spirit of business, professionalism and ethics in the Tanzania environment and to provide insight into American business philosophy;
• Facilitate cross-cultural interaction between U.S. and Tanzanian business;
• Provide a forum to address common business issues and provide resources for background information on doing business in Tanzania;
• Provide information on new legislation that can impact business.